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K8v SE Deluxe


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system properties


ATI Radeon 9600 256MB Pro (AGP)

60 GB hard drive (0)

2x SATA (via 8237) 200GB

3 GB DDR ram

AMD Athlon64 3200+ (754 pin)

liteon dvd +/- r /RW

asus k8v se deluxe m/board with

-yukon gigabyte network

-soundmax digital audio


I can boot in safe mode with no network, no sound both knowen issues-(network issue solved brought a realtec rtl8139 card cat no xh8265 at {censored} smith electronics for $14.98)


I cant boot in normal mode


Ihave removed ATI, and NVIdea graphic kexts

also remove AppleTPMACPI.kext as machine was no powering off


have tried rd=disk0s3 "Graphics Mode"="1280X1024X32" and other graphic modes

when using the above I get a small white box with grey circle and line ( like a no entry road sign)

when booting normally I get a restart message


I is installed nativelly on hd by the installer DVD that is around just download the iso and burnt to dvd


when using deadmoo version under vmware it seems ok


the kernal panic (cpu 0 caller 0xc0180e8e):unexpected kernel trap

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