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Dual Boot with NO extra work!


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I'm not sure if this method of dual booting has already been posted or not, so I'll contribute my little bit here.


I've recently gotten involved with OS x86 and found it incredibly annoying to dual boot -- some methods requiring 3rd party linux distro's for their bootloader. Well, after some tinkering, this is what I got. But note that I've only tested this with the patched deadmoo version of the DVD. I don't know if this works with any other version, you'll have to see for yourself.


Now then, on to the small little guide :


Install Windows XP (or other preferred Operating System)

Nothing really to explain here, go through your desired primary OS install as always -- BUT make a second partition on your hard drive and leave it blank, make it at least 5-10 GB. Continue with your install on your main partition as always.


Install Mac OS X

Now, install Mac OS X. First, go to Disk Utility, and format the second partition you made to Mac OS X Journaled. Repartition. Go through the normal install as always.


When you reboot into the Darwin/x86 bootloader you *SHOULD* have both :


hd(#,#) Windows NTFS

hd(#,#) Mac OSX


NOTE: I've had about a 50% success rate with this. This method DOES work, but if it DOES NOT, then FIRST install Mac OSX and make the partition table, then install Windows onto the wanted partition (LEAVING THE MAC PARTITION ALONE) and then continue with the rest of the guide (therefore getting the wanted results with the Darwin/x86 bootloader).


If anything needs to be cleared up or there are problems, feel free to post here or IM me on AIM : lubu523


I hope this helps any of those souls out there like me who were frustrated with a dual boot; this is by far the simplest method I've seen (or made).

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