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  1. no one interested? i will trade for a dual core macbook or mac book pro also. thanks!
  2. The big dog of the Dell line, this is a 2700 dollar computer new. specs: dual core 3ghz XEON processor, 4/4 onboard cache 1 gig DDR2 (checked style dimms) memory (2) 80 gig sata hard drives dvd reader, dvd burner kalyway supported wireless PCI card. NVIDIA quadro fx550 graphics you can spec this computer out new on dells website new for 2700 right now. Basically this is the mac pro without the mac OS. Computer runs kalyway 10.5.2 flawlessly and as fast as my dual core mac pro. 1300 shipped/insured OBO it is time to get a portable for travel! PM me if you are interested.
  3. have a acer aspire 1662 laptop i have been trying to get os x on for a while. it is giving the dreaded waiting for root device error though. this laptop should be supported for hardware, as it has a 3ghz desktop p4 w/ HT in it and a 9700 radeon mobile video card. any help would be appreciated. i read in a few places that the hdd might be set to something other than master, and i checked it and it is fine. thx
  4. have a bought copy of every X version since its inception. gotta love the X, why not pay for it! now windows is another story..that pile of {censored} isnt worth paying for!
  5. a powerbook for cs work. your gonna run into all heaps of trouble. i would hope they can get windows emulated and up to speed. remember a lot of the world runs on microsoft, as well as about 40-50% of servers run windows ITS, or a variation. You will have an advantage because of the linux back end and the terminal, etc. also think about programming languages, the first couple y ears of cs are mostly windows and visual basic (or even worse, cobal, etc) you may get shaftedthere too.
  6. 10.4.4 Security Broken

    nice too bad i just sold my x86 box. intel macs still arent ready for primetime, at least in a production environment. ill stick with my ibook and dualcore powermac for now untill adobe gets their heads outa their azzes and releases a universal binary. awesome work tho maxxus. i think people are still more concerned about dual booting a intel mac, as you just cannot beat mac hardware design and usability.. especially having everything just work.
  7. just picked up a new dual core g5 power mac and a used 1.2 ibook 12" . I have been using my 10.4.3 osx86 box for a while on top of that, and the software is definitly not ready for prime time yet. i would buy one for home, just because the OS is a lot more snappy, but in a production environment the intel boxes are just too finicky, and without adobe support out of the gate, a lot of people are leery to make a switch. i know i am. scott
  8. i will be ordering one soon as the 12" is released. on another note just got a new dual core 2.0 for work stuff. cant wait untill the intel's are released, especially the fully tested intel binaries, so going with the tried and true.
  9. The designer of the original Mac icons

    as a graphic designer this is pretty interesting. the last paragraph is some really good advice to anyone that does any sort of interactive design.
  10. Vista is a "BETA"

    HA the days of a virus free mac os are quickly dwindling, once the intels are released. macs have stayed away from the virus scene because of a sheer lack of user base. most likely not anymore. what kind of viruses will be able to affect your mac system on a dual x86 / windows install. hrm
  11. Services in dock (10.4.3)

    if you rebuild your permissions in disk utility the problem will go away. or it will go away when you install a program (because it rebuilds the permissions for you when it is done installing) i had the problem, but it is gone after i did the above.
  12. Who here has a mac? not just a PC

    loaded powerbook g5 15" 1.25, powermac g3 350, (dell branded) apple 20" widescreen lcd,
  13. Best Hardware to Buy

    running a MSI 915g combo board with a p4 2.66 processor, a benq 16x single layer dvd and a eide hdd partitioned into two. everything works flawlessly. cost me 250 without the hdd to get it built, +whatever you wanna spend on a case. i think the msi board takes any 775 processor they have out now.
  14. Who here has a mac? not just a PC

    word. the short list Powerbook G4 aluminum 1.25 ppc, 512 ram, upgraded 7200 60 gigger, superdrive, bt, goes everywhere. Powermac g3 350 mhz, 512 ram, 80 gigs, pretty much is just my file storage whore.
  15. Dual Boot with NO extra work!

    the easiest way to set the os x partition to active after a windows xp install is through either a 98se boot cd or with one of the handy system diagnostics/boot discs online. i used the latter.