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USB sound problems

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I've got a system running an X2 4400, and the mobo has a Via K8T800 Pro northbridge, 8237 southbridge, and I'm having some problems with the sound.


The built-in AC97 sound works nicely, except for the left-channel-only problem (which I think is real bizarre and wish someone could find a way to fix it :-), and then I've got an Alesis MultiMix 8 USB outboard analog mixer. The mixer has a USB port so the whole unit acts like a basic 16-bit/44.1 USB sound card. The sound works great, in full stereo, for awhile. Then it just randomly stops working and won't work again until the system is rebooted.


When the sound stops working, the device continues to be recognized by the system, its just that there no longer is any sound output.


Anyone have any ideas on this, or if there is a workaround I could use like killing and restarting a certain process, etc?



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I have the same exact alesis and sound problems like you do.


Did you find anything to fix the problem?


I even desabled AC97 from bios. Garage band gives a weird midi conflict as well, I remopved some midi kext files but seems more complicated than this.

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