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Why has graphics performance got worse on my laptop


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I have a Compaq Evo N610c. I dd'ed the tiger-flat image onto it and then installed XP and FC4. The graphics performance in OSX was surprisingly good (it's an ATI Radeon Mobility 7500) and it played videos at full screen without skipping. My overall XBench score was about 25 (a mixture of decent graphics and rubbish CPU).


Since OSX worked fairly well, I decided to reinstall OSX from the DVD. The install went smoothly and I still got an XBench score of around 25. When I tried the 10.4.3 update, my XBench score fell slightly. On further investigation, the CPU score had increased considerably, but the graphics score had halved and since I don't do anything computationally intensive but I do watch videos, I decided to reinstall to roll-back the update.


Since then, the graphics score is stuck at the lower level and the CPU score is as it was initially leaving a net score of about 20 and slow video. I reinstalled again in case I had done something stupid but no change.


I cannot understand why two installations from the same disk on the same laptop could result in such differences in usability. I was intending to use OSX on this laptop as my principal laptop, but I need decent video. I did have it, but now I cannot get decent video performance back.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is causeing this strange behaviour?

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