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x1600 pcie ... blue screen?

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I've spent all night reading through posts and trying different installers to get my Sapphire X1600 256mb PCI-E video card working.


It seems to boot fine, and gets identified by nait, but after the OSX loading screen it just sits at a blue screen and doesn't do anything.


I'm running 10.4.8 JAS SSE2/SSE3 PPF1.


I checked the vendor/device ID and it's defintely in the Natit plist, but it shows up there as X1300.


Any help is appreciated =]

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try out my installer.its tottally different so, goto my helpful file site link in my sig and download the x1600 installer.

and if you have the X1600 pro select the 10.4.5 ATINDRV

if not just select the natit install and the IONDRVSupport.


just remember to remove Natit.kext, Callisto.kext and Titan.kext from your extensions folder before installing.


PM me if you encounter problems or just any other questions about it.



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    • Hello and welcome to the InsanelyMac.   Try add -disablegfxfirmware and nv_disable=1 at the boot-args section. 
    • Update: I did a nvram reset along with a kext cache, prelinkedkernel clean up and everything seems to be working again. The weird thing is that during the installation the black screen issue happened and I had to let the system reboot to complete the installation which resulted in the black screen. Everything is back to normal after the clean up though!
    • Update went fine (Sort of) the Board-ID patch no longer works (Black Screen on both displays) but WhateverGreen 1.1.7 solves the issue. I'm was using the following Board-ID patch with macOS 10.13.4 which no longer works in the 10.13.4 (17E202) version.   Kernel and Kext Patches:
      Name: com.apple.driver.AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy
      Find: BA050000 00
      Replace: BA000000 00
      Comment: Disable board-id check to prevent no signal © lvs1974, Pike R. Alpha, vit9696
    • Clover is back with the Apple for update  R4446  
    • Hi @fabiosun   Could you please have a look at my attached files. Now booting without the TSCAdjustReset.kext . Sleep/wake and everything is working perfect without that kext so I can run my rig without it but I'm to much "noob" to understand if this is  the best way for my CPU performance.  Is there a way to check this? Then I would like to ask you another thing about my MSR 0xE2 register. According to KGP's site the output from voltageshift should be something similar with:  RDMSR e2 returns value 0x7e000003 but when I run this test the output is:  RDMSR e2 returns value 0x402? on the other hand my bootlog and AppleIntelInfo.kext output  is showing quite clear that the bios is unlocked:   MSR 0xE2 before patch 00000402
      MSR 0xCE              00070A2C_F3811900
      MSR 0x1B0             00000000   Everything shows that my MSR 0xE2 register is unlocked but still need FakeCpuid or/alt. an old XCPM bootstrap patch together with xcpm_program_msrs (c) Pike R. Alpha for booting. I can't understand that i9-7980xe processor with the same signature 0x50654 can boot perfect without this kernel patch and without FakeCpuid when at least on the paper a more native processor like the Xeon W  fail.   Is there anybody else out there how could help to solve this problem. I'm just a super noob trying to put this rig together and the only skill I have is my insistence and that is not enough for this project. With TSC kext.rtf without TSC kext.rtf