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  1. aNILEator

    R.I.P Prawker

    Damn, he was a good member liked his humour and stuff. Cancer's a {censored}, if there's something after this life hope it's a blast dude!
  2. Who's gonna win (not that there is a prize other than extreme uploading and recognition ) Will uphuck make a release? will JaS make a return? Tubgirl? Myzar? or a new-comer? Currently looks like uphuck is going strong http://www.iatkos.com/
  3. aNILEator

    New iPhone Ads

    Does anyone know what the hell Stefano says at the beginnign of his ad? The end is terrible..... 'That's my lifeline!.....yeah!'
  4. aNILEator

    New iPhone Ads

    lol he carried around 2 phones 1 for calling 1 for texting and email. what an idiot. As far as I'm aware all major phones that have ever been able to text have also been able to call people. I bet he loves the Resolution on his iPhone photos compared to his specifically designed camera. Apple's editing skills are at an all time low here.
  5. aNILEator

    Any Network Drivers for M2N-E SLI ?

    I've jsut ordered this motherboard along with a new AMD 6000+ CPU and 2GB RAM I'd like to know for any nforce 570 ethernet fixes too :S
  6. aNILEator


    Exactly what i was thinking, we're reporting our website being hacked yet we are a central hub of hackers and crackers ourselves.....
  7. aNILEator


    You can buy it student release well cheap as well, so you know spend real money for a real box and serial keys legally
  8. The winner self announced himself and his entry was utter {censored} compared to everyone elses hard work. http://aNILEator.co.nr/dog/comp.html what do you think? Leave comments and ratings as you see fit on youtube itself please. Mine: Winner: (Need 18+ pass, but can still watch on here without: http://aNILEator.co.nr/dog/comp.html)
  9. Well no one replied, but to let you know, I won runner up place still haven't announced the winner
  10. Heya, I just finished animating this for a competition PLEASE watch and vote/rate it, then pass it on to a friend Thankyou! Nile It's stop-motion so hope you enjoy, thanks
  11. aNILEator

    iPhone on Vodafone?

    when I said Europe I meant, outside the UK In the UK their signal well it's a bit patchy but Customer Support has always been very good towards me, always had UK Call centres answer within 5 minutes hold time and at times have given me lots of money off and free handsets when mine have broken even though I wasn't due for an upgrade Vodafone have one of the best signals in the UK (far exceeding O2, T-Mobile and 3 (3 if I remember correctly is statistically the worst phone company with coverage, price rates, customer support and reliability, a lot of my friends who had 3 had billing issues countless times) Vodafone are aimed more towards businesses as someone correctly stated earlier, they also have a deal with BT/O2 to provide signal coverage to businesses (I know this as my father had lots of problems once his company switched their phone deal from vodafone to BT/O2, after countless complaints they are now on BT Vodafone Contracty thing) Still, i doubt it would be long until the highstreets can unlock it and you can use it on any provider
  12. aNILEator

    iPhone on Vodafone?

    I couldn't see orange with apple as they released those SPV's and other microsoft phones, O2 have a contract with microsoft for pda type phones so that's a no no, T-mobile have the blackberries and some other microsoft stuff, vodafone would have seemed the logical choice for the UK at least. Second place T-mobile, as their coverage in Europe when I've travelled has been absolutely amazing. Still doesn't stop the iPhone from being a way too overpriced {censored} block though :-( I'd rather leopard any day
  13. aNILEator

    The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum!

    I think the negative-ness has come from recent claims of posts and what not, it is a great shame that thigns have gone downhill a tad recently. hopefully as stated the changes will be for the better good of all
  14. aNILEator

    X1600 X1650 Questions

    try diabolik's method (found in the natit sub forum)
  15. aNILEator

    10.4.9 AMD Test 1

    Well I decided to test 10.4.9 AMD TEST 1, so I formatted installed 10.4.8 AMD FINAL DVD from tubgirl then unzipped 10.4.9 and ran the installer (no modifications) but now the launch process gets stuck (looped really) on diskarb error says the diskarb isn't ready will try later, diskarb not ready etc etc etc this happens with normal booting -v -f, -v and -x also anyone know how to fix or proper/best way to install I have an AMD64 X2 4200+, Asus A8NE, ATI Radeon X1600 512MB PRO PCIe card