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  1. So, my setup for SL went fine under stock cpu speeds. Now, after overclocking, i get a KP on boot. The only major changes I did in the BIOS are the BCLK + voltage changes, and turning off HT. If I boot in safemode (-x at chameleon), everything seems to run fine. I'm using the posted DSDT for i7 920...is there something I need to edit in the DSDT to stop the KP on boot? ---- Got it to work by using the NullCPUPowerManagement.kext Running in 32bit because of the ATI 5850 Geekbench 32 - 10328 Idle's at 48C according to iStat.
  2. Yeah apple doesn't have drivers for usb 3.0, so when you plug it in those slots all it can do is charge.
  3. Thanks to everyone in the thread who posted helpful information! My machine seems to be working really well (sleep, shutdown, etc). I've noticed that for mic input, the mic volume is incredibly low unless the microphone is about half an inch away from your mouth. I've turned up the mic volume settings, and tried it with background noise filter both on or off. I'm using the i7-920 DSDT that was posted, and the LegacyHDA, and modded AppleHDA kext for audio that was posted earlier in the thread.
  4. InterHmai

    Nvidia 8400 GS - anyone got this working yet?

  5. It seems Kalyway isn't running the post-script install of the bootloader for some reason. I'm sure I checked the "Bootfix MBR" thing. In any event, here's how you would do it manually so you don't need to have the DVD in the drive to boot. Boot to the Kalyway installer, and open up terminal and type: diskutil list This will give you a list of your partitions, and what disk they are on. You'll want to find your leopard partition, so if its on your first disk, first partition it would probably be disk0s1 sudo fdisk -e /dev/rdiskX ( replace X and x with the disk/partition you will restore the image to) fdisk: 1> update Machine code updated. fdisk:*1> f 1 Partition 1 marked active. fdisk:*1> w Device could not be accessed exclusively. A reboot will be needed for changes to take effect. OK? [n] y Writing MBR at offset 0. fdisk: 1> q Now the partition is active use the following to make it bootable. First, Lets Unmount the disk: In terminal type: diskutil umount diskXsx Browse to the i386 folder inside the Kalyway DVD cd /Volumes/Leopard_Install_Osx86/usr/standalone/i386 Then type this: dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdiskXsx bs=512 count=1 Now, lets run the startup tool to embed the boot code: ./startupfiletool -v /dev/rdiskXsx boot And last, lets give the pope’s blessing to the partition: bless -device /dev/diskXsx -setBoot –verbose Now, mount and bless the mount: diskutil mount diskXsx bless -mount /Volumes/YOUR_VOLUME_NAME -setBoot -verbose If you used GUID, I think there are some bootfiles in the GUID folder within i386. Hope this helps anyone whos having problems, and thanks everyone for the tips in the thread
  6. That's a pretty annoying quirk =p I've noticed when I plug in or unplug a system fan, the bios likes to complain about that too which is rather odd. Anyway, I tried clearing the CMOS and its still doing it, but the DMI message says "Update Success" but still pauses with the HD light on. Ctrl alt delete works.
  7. Hi, I had it set to GUID-format, thats why it wasn't working >< I have suceessfully installed it now, but I have the problem someone else was having, where you must have the Kalyway DVD to boot. Disconnecting the DVD drive, or otherwise moving the SATA-HD to different ports would not let it boot from the HD. Yes, HD is set to first boot in BIOS. When it tries, it just hangs at "Verifying DMI", and locks up with the HD-access light on. I think I had this problem with a leopard flat install on a gigabyte mobo, if I remember correctly its fixed with some extra boot files, fdisk, and bless. I'll give that a shot and see what happens. I also can't get my keyboard to work, but it's PS/2..yeah I'll probably have to get a USB one.
  8. Sorry could you go over again your install settings and SATA connections? I got mine to install, but I get a boot.plist error if I boot with the Kaly DVD in the drive, or if I take it out it just doesn't do anything when it tries to boot from HD. Yes, its set to the first device BIOS boot. I know you did EFI-MBR, and nvinject.
  9. Does that include audio-in mic support as well? People don't always include that under "fully functioning" hehe.
  10. I know these just came out, but since the 8800GT's are a bust so far, I'm sure many people are interested in how the new ATI lineup fares on osx86's!
  11. InterHmai

    ALC88x 10.4.8 Kext

    Got this working on Leopard, with a ga-965p ds3 rev2 alc888. Only 3ports though, 10.4.10 had 6 ports
  12. I install OSX to two volumes, one to diskutil restore the other if necessary. For some reason, when I erase a disk it will no longer be bootable. I can set it to active, but it's no longer a bootable partition. I also have a problem sometimes where I erase a disk, but I never get valid permissions for it unless I check 'Ignore Volume Permissions' or whatever it is. Anyone have an idea whats causing this?
  13. I spent all weekend but got my system going, it was well worth it. Here's my parts, settings, and how I did it: E4300 Core2 Duo (Overclocked to 3.34ghz @ 372fsb) GA-965p-DS3 Rev2, flashed to F10 Bios Sapphire ATI Radeon x1600 256mb WD SATA HD 2gb Corsaire 5-5-5-12 DDR2 800mhz Generic DVD Drive PS/2 Microsoft Keyboard, Logitech Wireless Mouse Bios: Disable AHCI, set SATA to IDE. SATA HD into the purple port, DVD-IDE worked fine. Used the JAS-SSE2-SSE3-PPF1 install dvd, installed with only the Intel SSE package. Made 3 partitions: one to work on, one to emergency boot from, one for Programs. With an extra copy of OSX installed, you can make an image of your working OSX in Disk Utility, then restore it to the main partition any time fast an easy. Putting all your programs in their own partition makes it easy to keep programs between Image restores as well. PS/2 Keyboard worked for me right from the start, but the alt key is the Apple key, which you can apparently change by downloading the Microsoft Keyboard driver/program to remap keys. I tried Psion's package originally but it didn't work so well for me (maybe because i have a Rev2 board?). The only thing that worked for sure was sound, but that only had output. Network didnt work. USB and IDE-DVD worked for me from the original DVD install so I didn't see the need to install the other packages. Anyway, to enable the onboard ethernet, you have to do the original post's network fix where you change 0x53 to x56 in the AppleYukon kext. For sound (in/out, I haven't tried the other ports yet but I assume they work), I installed the Realtek 888 Package. I don't remember if I picked the 6-port digital or 6-port regular option, I think I picked both and crossed my fingers For Video, I had to install Diabologik's x1600 installer. World of Warcraft loaded fine and looked awesome, way better than it does on XP which I find really odd. It just looks 'crisper', I dont know how else to describe it. The only nuance so far is you need to have 2 monitors plugged in when you boot. If you only have one plugged in (regardless of the DVI or VGA port), it'll boot to a blank blue screen that is sometimes sheared. General Oddities: If I had a USB HD plugged in, it would make the mouse wonky and very slow. Sometimes, the finder randomly crashes. (I know it can't be helped!) Aside from that, it works like my mac mini from work..but faster! Thanks to everyone that posted their solutions, workarounds, and tips =] This was the most fun I had with my computer in a long time, I'm really glad I got everything working.
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    x1600 pcie ... blue screen?

    oho, works like a charm! Thanks a bunch =]
  15. InterHmai

    x1600 pcie ... blue screen?

    I've spent all night reading through posts and trying different installers to get my Sapphire X1600 256mb PCI-E video card working. It seems to boot fine, and gets identified by nait, but after the OSX loading screen it just sits at a blue screen and doesn't do anything. I'm running 10.4.8 JAS SSE2/SSE3 PPF1. I checked the vendor/device ID and it's defintely in the Natit plist, but it shows up there as X1300. Any help is appreciated =]