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Install 10.4.3


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i got the dev kit DVD of 10.4.3


I want to install it. I tried this way-> i want to install it with ppc and then port it to vmware and then to native to make a dual boot system (which is my aim).


First problem i have is that the install in ppc need more then 22hours (:(!) i think this is much to long. Ok i wanted to install everything but 22hours???


Next Problem i have is that i cant burn the DVD UltraIso and also Nero give an error by trying to burn the ISO (converted it from .dmg to .iso with UtraIso)


Is there maybe an easier way to install 10.4.3 native with dual boot? (xp and 10.4.3) Maybe like Install from DVD to a partition on my harddisk?


Or do i need some patches for the dvd. If, it would be nice if someone can post the links or sent it as pm to me. I tried to use the search but i don't find something.


Thanks a lot


zwulk :rolleyes:

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Yeah u're damn right.


But i doesn't find facts which deal with the real 10.4.3 dev kit dvd, i only found post which deal with the upgrade i think. Whatever.


But maybe somebody can give me an answer why the install with ppc is taking so much time?

This would be a beginning for me.





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