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story (plot) of kingdom hearts 3 REAL

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this is the true story, if you saw the secret ending you'll know



Years before Sora's adventure, there was a great war. In a place between worlds, there were those known as "Chasers", those who had manifested great power and chanelled it through weapons they experly crafted known as the Keyblades. There were four Chasers.


The Chasers all had to power to create, save, destroy and lock world's hearts. Their keyblade gave them enough power to unlock the energy of a worlds physical heart and be able to move from world to world.


The Chasers began to follow their own ambitions. In the place between worlds, where all of their keyblades laid to rest, the four seperated. Two followed the path of light, bringing life to the worlds, following the paths of Light and Twilight. The other two, they grew unhappy and decided that those who did not respect them should perish. They followed the path of Darkness. They began to bring destruction to worlds, destroying them.


One of the two Dark Chasers realized the faults in his ways and decided to back out. Much as Riku did, this Chaser follows the path of Dawn back to the Crossroads where he is forgiven for his ways. The final Chaser, the one they called Xehanort, would not give up, would not give in. The war began, it is unknown for how long this terrible time lasted. It has been recorded though and the Chasers are much like gods.


The war was either between great armies or just between the four Chasers, either way, the Dark Chaser, the Dark Keyblade Master known as Xehanort fought against the others in a great Keyblade war.


Xehanort was defeated, and with that, he lost something dear: his memory. Cast away he was born again by sleep. Waking up in the world of Radiant Garden, almost dead, a great Saint known as Ansem found him and offered his assistance. He promised to help him and when he realized the man's memory was gone, he offered to help restore it.


The Chasers each had the ability to spread their power to a disciple or their spirits lived on through a bloodline or chosen ones. Passing their power on to make sure to Order of the Worlds was kept safe.


One Keyblade went to the King of all the Worlds: Mickey.


When Xehanort began to believe he was in fact Ansem, his fascination with the Keyblades grew. Unknowning even to himself who he was.


When the Heartless were born and began to create chaos, Riku was chosen to weild the next Keyblade, to save the people from destruction while Mickey was in the World of Darkness. But, Riku's heart was tainted by his willingness to let darkness overcome him and the Keyblade was passed on to Sora.


After being selected first and later overcome by Xehanort, Xehanort was able to harvest his power to reclaim his Dark Keyblade and thus, Riku was able to have his own.


The final Keyblade was unnecessary until later, when the goodness and innocence of Kairi was able to bring hope to the other Keyblade Weilders and she too was chosen.


Roxas only had ones because he is an element of Sora.


After their adventures had ended, Mickey sends a troubling letter to Sora, Kairi and Riku. A letter that reveals Xehanort's next plot. That he has perhaps remembered his true self. A plot to destroy the other Chasers, a plot to be the one and only Keyblade Master.


A great beast is sent to the Crossroads between worlds but is slain by one of the Chasers. The others appear from their selected paths and reclaim their Keyblades, as though they haven't been touched in a long time. They look to the road of Darkness and the shady figure of Xehanort moves forward. Through his time within Riku, he is essentially "reborn" and while Riku tries to remove him, he is never gone. With enough power he returns to the Crossroads and a great war is about to begin once again. One that will decide the fate of the Chasers and all of those who hold a Keyblade...

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Lol...i dont mean to be a total idiot to you man, but this guy actually nailed most of what he typed, all the other people on the link you posted are just making inferences that dont even make sense. They are trying to create a conclusion to the "extra" ending of the game and they try to mix it in with the original game itself. The fact is that the original story line has a slight connection to the newly made trailer. Xhenorth is back, hopefully they will introduce the new type of characters; the ones we know are the hearless and nobodies,but there are those who were never born; "the unborns." that are basically introduced during the 358/2 game that comes out for the DS, the girl with the silver hair is the unborn of kairi, my jap. friend decided to lend me a copy of the game when the sample game was leeked in the internet. First of all, it basically is like this: If there is a nobody then there has to be a heartless and a unborn for each one of them(same goes bi-versa). Unborn are rare though. My sources arent always 100% on the nail but this is what ive digged up so far... The only part that the other people have actually nailed is the part of the crossroads and the slight chance that the dude that was frozen was roxas; in the end they got swallowed up by the B.S. concerning the keyblades... like who gives a dam about the keyblades? the important part right now is what the plot on the subject actually is. In simple terms; which this dude up here should have done is: Xhenorths unborn has been "reborn" and now the legendary warriors known as chasers have reasembled to take down 1 of the original keyblade holders; which basically means this 1 perosn has more experience than all of them if they have to gang up on him...This character is Equilivant to darkness and has basic form of who we know as rikus "dark" mode. NOW, there is a slight chance that the girl that came up there is the same girl that comes out in 358/2. Obviously you can tell who was the one who had been devoured by darkness but came back....the tall swo dude. The crossroads are important since this is my final conclusion on the entire subject: Each chaser had its own seperate subject to guard and basically rule over. The darkrealm is to the Xheano. dude, what is still unknown is what the other realms are, so i came up with a conclusion while looking at what they could be. Hearless come out of darkness(dark realm), nobodies represent twilight(twilight zone), passage do dawn is probly the unborns (road to dawn), and there is where the missing connection ends -- which led to my conclusion that KH3 is defenatly gonna come out and it will not end there. there is a missing link to another entety that exists in between all these. Oh and from what i infer... the keyblade holders are the protectors of the light (light). Just one more thing to post before i sign off, if you ever noticed kingdom hearts; the real thing, has always been a door, depending on which side you come from you end up in either darkness or light. Since there is such thing as twilight and dawn the doesnt that mean that there is something in between this all? Oh back to the main subject... EACH CHASER WAS SENT TO ITS OWN RESPECTIVE ZONE. SO sorry for the messyness i made but the guy that posted this is actually making more sense than everyone else on the other page that got 21 pages full of comments...with the same thing being repeated over and over again and yet these things have no connection that makes any practical sense...TO FULLY UNDERSTAND KH YOU HAVE TO BUY ALL THE GAMES AND PLAY THEM ACCORDINGLY AS THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE. KH, kh for the gbna, kh re:..., KH2, kh2 remix, kh 358/2 (somewhere mixed in there), and the ones to come. there are still some that im missing but im only posting the ones that are coming out in eng.

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