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[How To] Delete a Faulty/Non-Working Kext

Guest Ramm

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I wanted to post this because I just recently had this problem myself, and I have seen other people with the same problem.


How to Delete Kexts that Mac Doesn't Like


If you installed a kext that completely fried your system and you can't boot, here is what to do.

  • Boot in Single User Mode [-s]. If you are using Acronis, just keep pressing F8 when you click on Mac OS. Other wise, just press F8 after the PC diagnostics screen.
  • Enter:
    sudo -s	 <----- To make sure you are root (just in case)
    cd /System/Library
    rm -rf Extensions.mkext
    rm -rf Extensions.kextcache
    cd Extensions
    kextload [kextname]	 <----- To make sure the kext is found
    rm -rf [kextname(s), separated by spaces if multiple]

There, good as before you screwed it up by installing that kext.

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If anyone runs into the problem where they cannot delete the file due to it being a read-only file system just type this first:


mount -rw -a


This will mount the drive as writeable and you will be able to delete the kext files.

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Thanks for this - it helped solve one of my problems.


I had to boot the system from an install disk.

When I got to the install screen I went to Utilities and then into the command line app.


I tried to do sudo -s but it said it could not find the command.


I then tried to rm -rf Extensions.mkext

but it said that it is a read only file


so I did mount -rw -a

but nothing seemed to happen


I then tried again rm -rf Extensions.mkext

still said that it is a read only file


I then did rm -rf Extensions.kextcache

it worked.


I rebooted and luckily I was able to get into the system

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