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Input Remapper Problem or just me?

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Hi guys, tried to uninstall the keyboard drivers as per the sticky (I'm using Boot Camp 1.1.2) but that didn't make a huge amount of sense - in device manager I did the update driver & it changed from (I think) Apple keyboard to HID compliant device.

There was also a keyboard section under device manager where it says macbook pro keyboard (tried to uninstall but it comes back after reboot).

Ctrl-Alt_del to get rid of the KbdMgr but it wasn't there & in the 'Delete "C:\Program Files\Appel Keyboard Support' part it looks like it has been moved to 'C:\Program Files\Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP 1.1.2\Apple Keyboard' and there was a file there called setup.exe which i renamed to .bak.

Now bizarly, I can still 2 finger scroll (thought that stopped by doing the above)



the trackpad randomly seems to go wierd-it can completely freeze so you can't move the icon, sometimes although your finger will be steady on the trackpad, the pointer will jump around or oscillate madly so bad that you can't use it.


Help, what have I done wrong - I assume the sticky guide above doen't apply directly to removing drivers from BootCamp 1.1.2 so any thoughts?




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The track pad driver is separate from the Apple keyboard drivers. I have had some reports that the driver is acting up on its own, and some that it's the combination of Input Remapper and the apple track pad driver that is the problem. I don't have time to investigate it at the moment. To remove it I think you just let windows install the default drivers. I don't know on which devices though.

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