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Incorrect hardware?


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"This hardware configuration is not supported by Darwin/x86 (2)"


So... am i screwed?

Dont sugar coat hahah


I dont even know my specs, my dad had this computer laying about


Lezzeeeeeee *looks at computer*

2 X 256mb Ram, DDR

1 ghz i think


and the mobo i have no idea

i dont think it'll support it but I'd like to get an expereinced persons opinion.

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The builder of the patch spent quite a lot of time building and documenting the patch. Please try to read the instructions, including the Hardware Requirements.


You can find out your CPU by using a number of utilities, the most popular being CPUZ




II Hardware Requirements


Noting all that was said in part I, especially near the end, please realize this short list of the most popular hardware components is based on: chats on IRC, emails received at the support email address for test3, PMs and IMs and a {censored}load of forum postings that I read. I've done my best to make this as easy to comprehend as possible, so accept it with a grain of salt and good luck.


ONE FINAL NOTE before you read on:


Since the Apple Developer Transition Kit PC is based on all Intel hardware, it works like this: the closer you come to providing a totally Intel-based PC to the OSx86 installer DVD, the greater your chance for success with the installation. Simply put: the more actual Intel hardware you can provide, the better.


So here we go...


== SSE2/SSE3 CPU ==


The following are known to work. Anything else not on this list is simply not going to work as far as we're aware (Pentium 3 architecture processors are SSE capable, but not SSE2/SSE3, same with P3 architecture Celerons as well as AthlonXP CPUs and Durons - they simply do not work).


- Intel Pentium 4 processors (all of them support SSE2 but if you get one with SSE3 support - codename Prescott - you'll be doing just fine and you won't need the SSE2 hacks/patches)

- Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition and dual core processors (full SSE3 support)

- Intel Pentium-M processors (exclusive to notebooks for the most part, SSE2 support only)

- Intel Pentium 4 Mobile processors (SSE2 support only)

- Intel Celeron processors based on the Pentium 4 core (SSE2 support only)

- Intel Celeron Mobile processors (based on P4 cores, SSE2 support only)

- Intel Celeron D processors (relatively new on the market but they provide full SSE3 support)

- AMD Athlon64 processors (SSE2 support is native on all of them, the newest Venice cores offer full SSE3 support)

- AMD Sempron processors (codenamed Oakville - as per AMD's site, "SSE2 support is available only with the 754-pin package")

- AMD Sempron processors (the new kid on the block, codenamed Palermo, full SSE3 support)


That's about it. Again the old P3's, Celerons based on P3's and AthlonXP's and Durons simply will not work. Rumors abound about some hacked code that allows Darwin to be installed on SSE-only machines but I have found no absolutely positive or verifiable data so... there's your list above.

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