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Toshiba Satelite M30


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Ahoi together,


i m writing this topic, because im getting frustrated.


i m trying to install the osx on my toshiba m30 laptop without any, any success.


it doesnt matter, which version im trying; everytime the same result.

the builtin drive or the external usb drive is bootin.....

and it hangs after the "apple.usb.ktext" or the "waiting for root" signal.


what can i do?


i have only small possibilities to change bios settings ( phoenix bios )

eg i cant handle any usb parameters or other "essential" things


i tried also the method through vmware without success.

it stucks woth the "pae" problem. even the addin of the paevm="true" hack

doesnt solve the prob.


now, how can i get success?


anybody able to give me the right way?


thanx for any hint !!


greetz knobsi

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