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  1. moin moin zusammen, hat jemand den Belkin F8T016ng USB BT Dongle und kann mir weiterhelfen? ich suche die genaue Bezeichnung für den verbauten Chipsatz. wäre super !! cheers ;-)
  2. hey, auf den ersten blick sehr spannend... ABER schau mal hier die comments... http://hukd.mydealz.de/deals/mini-pc-fujitsu-siemens-esprimo-q5010-core-duo-1-66ghz-80gb-155-dealclub-64599 ich glaub da wirst du nicht glücklich mit... cheers.... vielleicht ein rig mit funktionierenden komponenten bauen... auf low budget... und dann klappts auch mit hd auf htpc !!
  3. knobsi

    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    after several requests for my modded kext for propper working bcm57760, here we go: AppleBCM5701Ethernet.kext.zip put it into the plugin folder of ionetworking and checky for working :-) would love to see if it will work on your rigs ,-) cheers, knobsi
  4. knobsi

    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    i can confirm this way for broadcom bcm57760 (1690) running on acer travelmate 8472TG OSX 10.6.7 !! this is really awesome !!! thank youu.... :-) cheers, knobsi
  5. yes mate, unsupported ram could be the reason... check it !! btw, you you´ve got managed to get your rig to sleep? cheers, knobsi
  6. nice to hear, that you ave all runing up fine !! but what about the sleep & wake up functions ? are both also running? cheers....
  7. still No Sleep on my rig :-( after a very frustrating night i´m coming back with the no sleep-issue in hope to get any help from you !! - how can i get the sleep mode managed?? - which settings are needed in the bios? - do i need to modify the dsdt? if yes, how? any help would be very nice !!! cheers, knobsi
  8. finally all my parts arrived for assemblin & installation OSX86 10.6 + combo to 10.6.4 what a breeze of easy installation.... goin step by step in first post and i was on the desktop very fast. this one was the fastest method i ever had !! here the specs of my actual rig: -ASUS P6X58D -Intel i7 930 @2.8 GHz - with a scythe mugen rev 2 cooler ( nearly too big :-( ) - NVIDIA 9800 GT 1gig (VGA DVI HDMI) -3x2 Corsair 2GB Ram -1 Optiarc DVD Drive SATA -1 Samsung spinpoint 1TB SATA all together put into a lian li pc-8n black case fired up with a corsair 750w power supply i used the prasys installation method with chameleon from dr. hurt and osx10.6 on a usb stick, added all kexts to the extra folder from the first post here, added the "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" and then run the installation without any probs !! afterwards for a daily usage a new small usb stick formatted, installed the boot installer and added the extra folder from the link inside of first post et voilà - a nice 10.6.4 on a really fast rig !! now it needs to check for the sleep/ wake function and to go into detail with the graphic card. - changing screen resolution ends into blue screen - test dvi/ vga mode on two cinema screens.... - card is seen only with 512 mb in about this mac... would love to get some help for the issues above you can?? actually big thanks to kup and the rest here for havin fun with osx on pc rigs !! cheers, knobsi
  9. hello together, can you tell me, if the onboard firewire port is running ootb and flawless under 10.6.4?? would be great to know it !! cheers, knobsi
  10. knobsi

    2 Hardware Fragen

    moin zusammen, im zuge eines hackintosh neuaufbaus mit nem i7 core hab ich folgende fragen: - welche pci firewire 400 karte läuft unter OSX SL reibungslos? - läuft eine nvidia 9800 gt 1gig pci-e graka im 64bit modus? ist diese karte überhaupt sinnvoll? oder soll ich eine andere wählen? sollte auf jeden fall 2x dvi haben .... freu mich auf eure hilfe !!! cheers, der knobsi
  11. Moin zusammen, vielleicht hat einer von euch ein G5 Powermac Gehäuse zum verkauf anzubieten?? bereits umgebaut ginge auch... Eure Angebote via PM wären MEGA !!! dankee & cheers vom knobsi
  12. knobsi

    Working X1950 & Snow Leopard 10.6.4

    GraphicsEnabler just is "GraphicsEnabler"="Yes" should be fine try to use kext utility instead of kext helper b7 ... i did it... maybe this helps and check also the hack of the ATI1900Controller.kext if everything is written inside properly !! which kexts are us using for the graphic card in total? and another thing: i´ve using netkas boot 10.6 on chameleon 2.04 by dr. hurt´s installer... maybe this is also needed to get it workin properly !!
  13. knobsi

    Working X1950 & Snow Leopard 10.6.4

    you know, i´ve had also troubles and needed several tries to goal... but for me i´ve learned that the installation of the kexts is very important to do it right. at first, i only dragged and droped them... often a short massage popped up that the ATI1900Controller.kext was not properly installed and therefor this kext was not loading at all !! this was very very frustratin over the time, even i thought i´ve done all steps right !! so check your way again and make every step 100% and check also if the kexts were loaded fine on start !! cheers, knobsi
  14. knobsi

    Working X1950 & Snow Leopard 10.6.4

    wohooo !!!! i can confirm the cyberchunk´s method. it´s working on my intel d945gnt with pentium d 920 and pci ati x1950pro 256mb graphic card. until today i´ve used the bronya´s method on 10.6.0, then i saw this thread and i gave it a try.... i used the files from polyacryl above, but i need to mod the ATI1900Controller.kext with steps 2a-2g mentioned above!!! finally, 10.6.4 with apple´s graphics update and 10.6.4 legacy kernel is landed on my "old" rig !!! and with qe & qi !!!!! great job !! thanks a lot ;-) cheers.....
  15. update !! i´ve connected my rig with a dvi 20" cinema display et voilà: i´ve got full resolution(1680x1050) so it seems that my vga cable isn´t soo good as i expected... but that´s history now ;-) on 10.6.4 i´ve found actually following things to tweak: - wake up after sleep (monitor is still black and lan is off) - no sound who knows how to solve these 2 things ?? cheers, knobsi btw: isn´t it possible to rename the applehda.kext to something different and call it by boot.pls?