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OSX x86 with Asus P5B-E


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Hi Guys,


Truely excited with the happenings in this area. Due to having an old 865 chipset die on me I've invested in more up to date hardware and the logistics and geekery of it all! Due to my Powercore element now refusing to work with any new chipsets my studio is still out of order and I have therefore discovered this OSX x86 world through boredom and frustration. Obviously being a music man my interests in OSX lie in being able to run Logic 7.2 > at some point etc...


Anyway waffling over... I've done alot of reading, and research etc.. but just want to have some questions answered directly by those in the know.


My hardware specs are as follows


Pentium D 935 3.2Ghz

Asus P5B-E

PNY 7300GS

2 x 512 DDR 2 667

M-Audio Delta 44


I don't have a spare SATA drive I can use for the OSX install, if I understand correctly I'm going to have problems running a PATA drive due to the JBMicron (or whatever its called) controller looking after that????


I'm currently downloading (extremely slowly :D) 10.4.6.install.dvd.iso 4.37GB... will I need to update to .7 and then to .8???? Are there any specific patches I need due to the ICH8 chipset etc..??


Solutions and success stories (or not as it were) with above hardware would be great guys

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