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Now I have my system working quite well.

Mac OS X is EyeCandy, but the boot menu doesn't.

I was thinking on the possibility of using a nice menu as boot camp's, but, probably won't work because it works with EFI, thing that the Hackintosh won't have.

The question is: Is there a way to have a nice boot menu?

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Hi, Yes Double Boot is Quite easy than it seems, but you need to have the osX and Windows both installed in primary partitions (Separates).


Then Modify the Bios for Boot from the Partition (Or disk) who have Win XP.


Inside Windows, copy the file "chain0" to the "C:\" path.

Open this file "C:\boot.ini" with Notepad, an put this line at the bottom:


C:\chain0="Apple Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.5 X86 patch"


You can change the string inside the coutes for whatever you want.

That's it, Reboot and enjoy.



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