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TextMate application works on one machine but not other


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I have two 10.4.1 installs. One on Intel P4 laptop (SSE2) and another on an AMD 64 (Newcastle: SSE2) Desktop machine. The Intel install was done from a DVD, installed first time, no problems. The AMD install wouldn't install from DVD, and so I installed by dd'ing the deadmoo image to a drive, then installing the SSE3 > SSE2 patch. Everything else that I've tried works as it should on the AMD machine.


The application TextMate (from TextMate.org) doesn't work on the AMD machine - crashes instantly. It requires Rosetta being enabled to work on the Intel machine, and crashes with Rosetta enabled or not on the AMD machine.


If started from the console it gives the error:


tiger-x86:~/Desktop/TextMate.app/Contents/MacOS curtis$ ./TextMate

-bash: ./TextMate: Bad executable (or shared library)


This applies for exactly the same build of the app that's working on the Intel box.


What might be causing this and is there anything I can do to fix it?

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