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    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    Hi All, Sorry to add the same question again, but I'm trying to get a 5754 in a Dell Optiplex 745 working. I've seen some posts in this thread from AA and others who soud like they've got it working, but not all the steps are documented. If anyone can help out, it'd be greatly appreciated! munky
  2. I'm having same problems as some users where I get an instant reboot after all the HFS messages when it seems to be just loading files from CD and hasn't accessed the HD yet. I have Intel SSE2 on a Asus P4G8X mobo, VESA3 graphics. I'm not sure which start up options I must use for SSE2, and which ones to try? Thanks!
  3. I have a 2.5" drive that I'm connecting via a converter to a normal IDE connector. (Note this isn't an active converter like SATA to IDE, just a wire) The drive works fine in XP, but in OSX on bootup it gives Disk1: I/O Error every time, and Disk Utility sees the drive (but never any partitions on it), and can not create partitions - when I try to create partitions it just hangs. (This is booting OSX off a separate good drive) I've tried the drive on both primary and secondary connectors, and it does the same thing. Because of the cable the drive can't share the IDE connector with another, so I can't put the good OSX drive on primary master and the erroring drive on primary secondary, etc. Any ideas what this is or how to diagnose/fix appreciated.
  4. Munky^

    [How To] Solutions for Video Problems

    I tried Katana, and it enabled extra resolutions, but did not seem to give any performance increase. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...c=35345&hl=
  5. In this picture it looks like OSX is detecting two screens? (Or capability for two screens) - is that true? I'm trying to find the cheapest card I can use that won't give me too many headaches and supports dual monitors - FX5200 could be it?
  6. As topic - on a tight budget and would like to get dual monitor support working, without too much of a headache. Thanks for any advice.
  7. Munky^


    0.2c (at least partially) worked for my 9200 AGP card (i.e. not mobility - 8X AGP card in a desktop) CaptainSquash: it didn't detect the ID correctly
  8. Munky^

    [How To] Solutions for Video Problems

    The first option for ATI Radeon 9200 does not work with my AGP Radeon 9200 (8X, in a desktop). Causes black screen and hang.
  9. topbanana, thanks, had waiting for root device with AMD 64 2800+ on Nforce3 and moving DVD to primary slave from secondary fixed it.
  10. Munky^

    Current most stable version?

    No, really? Shall I try in French?
  11. Munky^

    Current most stable version?

    Should this work OK with SSE2 and Nforce3 (PATA) ? (There's some confusing comments on the Piratebay torrent) Is it right that this release is only 2.3Gb ? Sorry for confusion, this is for a new install, I hosed my old 10.4.3 install as it had too many problems to be usable, wanting to see if those have been fixed in later releases.
  12. Hi, Can anyone tell me what's currently the most stable version of OSx86? Is 10.4.8 causing people more problems than earlier versions? If it makes any difference, I have an AMD 64 SSE2, and an NForce3 motherboard, which I had working last year with 10.4.2 or .3. Looking for an easy life as opposed to bleeding edge features, would like to do some basic web dev in OSX. TIA, m
  13. Munky^

    Possible Nforce 3 UDMA Fix

    I'm successfully booting OSX when the OSX drive is on Sec Master and a Windows drive on Pri Master and boot drive order changed in BIOS. Think I also had a DVD drive on Sec slave.
  14. Munky^

    Application compatibility in general..

    Should all applications work on OSX86 (on let's say the best current recommended Intel chip and motherboard) ? When you download an OSX app from say apple.com, are you getting a PPC version?
  15. I'm thinking about setting up a web dev. machine with OSx86.. it's much nicer to look at than Win, and a refreshing change If I did this I'd go out and buy the most compatible hardware, but I'm not sure I understand the current software compatibility situation - could someone explain the basics of software compatibility on OSX86 for me please? The part I don't understand is basically, should all applications work on OSX86 (on let's say the best current recommended Intel chip and motherboard) ? What is the difference between PPC apps and Intel apps? When you download an OSX app from say apple.com, are you getting a PPC version? What is a universal binary? The reason I'm confused is because on my AMD OSX86 machine, all applications I tried except one worked fine, including stuff like MS Office and things downloaded from apple.com - how could they be working if they're compiled for PPC? The one app I had problems with didn't work on my AMD desktop, but did on my Intel laptop, with exactly the same OSX install. Other stuff I downloaded and ran like mysql and ruby seemed to work fine. Are there any other problems I might run in to using a currently available 10.4.1 patched to 10.4.3 release for web. dev. work? (I'm not really interested in comments regarding using unsupported apps on an unsupported OS, I know it's completely unsupported, just trying to guage if it will be usable for real world work or not, and yes, if I like it that much, I'll consider buying a real Mac)