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Pride Of Lions

Turn iPod into external recording device, install OS X onto it...?

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I have a 3-Gen, 30GB iPod that I've been considering selling since I got my 4-Gen 60GB iPod, but I'm thinking of repurposing it to record audio as an external Firewire device.


So far, I've completely erased it and tried to install OS X on it like I've read is possible. The disk told me that I couldn't install OS X onto the iPod and that it wouldn't startup OS X. Is it because I tried by using the OS X install disk from my iMac? If I bought a seperate Tiger install disk would it work? And is this the solution to doing what I want to do?


In my mind it works. I have a Sound Devices 744T hard drive recorder. It has an internal 40GB drive, but can also record to CF cards and external Firewire drives. I'm hoping to connect my iPod to it as a recording redundancy, but when I tried with the FW-iPod dock connector, the 744T didn't recognize the iPod as an external FW drive and it only charged the iPod.


I'm thinking that installing OS X onto the iPod will let the 744T see it as an external drive. How do actual external FW drives differ from the iPod? I tried with iPodLinux to record audio to it, but it is buggy and only works at line level through the headphone jack. I hope that there's a solution.


Thanks in advance.

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If you want to run OS X from your iPod, make sure that you set your Partition Map correctly.


If you have a PPC Mac, choose Apple Partition Map

If you have an Intel Mac, choose GUID Partition Map


After that point, make sure that you partition your iPod correctly using a filesystem that OS X is capable of booting from (like Journaled HFS+).


After those two things are done, all you will need to do is install to the iPod using your installation discs.


For the sake of simplicity, you may not want to use it as your "Default Startup Disc" as if you remove it from your computer, you will need to hold "Option" at startup and manually choose which drive you want to boot from. (that is unless you go back into the OS, go into System Preferences, Startup, and then choose your Internal Hard Disk as the Default Startup Disc.

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