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For those who don't know, SoftRAID makes a much more robust and resiliant RAID implementation than Apple's own. I suppose for that reason, Apple decided to include SoftRAIDs drivers in Tiger 10.4, as you can see in the excerpts below.


Does anyone know if their RAID drivers are included in osx86 10.4 or if there app works?




"Once a disk has been initialized with the SoftRAID driver, it will only

desktop of machines with systems containing the SoftRAID driver. The

has been preinstalled on all Macs running OS X 10.4 and greater."


also here:


"Modify Mac OS X Install CD-ROM or DVD

This command lets you create a modified Mac OS X Install CD-ROM or DVD for the purposes

of installing Mac OS X version 10.3.x onto SoftRAID volumes. In order for Disk 1 of the Mac

OS X 10.3.x Install CDs or DVDs to recognize a SoftRAID volume as available for a system, it

must have a SoftRAID driver added to it. Mac OS X Install DVDs for version 10.4 do not need

this modification as they already contain the SoftRAID driver. This command can also be used

update the SoftRAID driver on a previously Modified Mac OS X Install CD-ROM or DVD."



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