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noobs wondering..

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hi all..i'm new here and just found out about the osx86..i want to ask will my pc work fine if i install osx?will all the hardware works??i have read all the working hardware but can't seem to find my motherboard and graphic card..and i'm not really good at programming so i better ask before i try..


here's my pc specs:

amd 64 3200+ (venice if i'm not mistaken)

gigabyte K8NF socket 939

radeon x1300

250gb sata

samsung dvd-rw


thx in advance..

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First of all theres no need for much programming knowledge(i think)


Secondly, theres no real way of knowing how well your hardware works unless someone has tryed it. Unfortunatly for you your the first one..


So there are a few options to install it

(written in order of safeness)


1)If u've had any experiance with software like VMware (emulateer-ish) then you would be able to install it under XP and run it in a small window. If all works then install it for real.

Theres a bunch of tutorials to install using VMware on: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page


2)Your other option is to install OSX86 on a new partition this works if youve already partitioned your HDD or if you have two hard drives. You then go into OSX86 using a dualboot menu. Again theres more tutorials on the wiki


3)And finnaly if your like me when i was new. I decided to ditch XP and install OSX86 as my main OS and it worked but this is really risky and may leav you unable to use your pc for a while and would require a anoder pc if u flop. < (dont do it)


Im sure most ppl here would help u- and make sure you add to the HCL compatible/Incompatible list as it will help others with the same problem.

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You should have good support except for SATA, you will have to install to a PATA/Ide drive.

I would recommend using 1048 AMD FINAL and choose the ATi package during install, good luck :offtopic:


If your new and you don't want to use XP, it would be wise to have two separate installs of osx, you would be able to repair from one or the other.

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No it shouldnt damage the hardware but i could recommend some software that could be useful and i would recommend you to burn onto disc (of course it isnt necessary but would be useful if ur left with a sysstem that cant boot).


Im kinda busy today with Macworld and schoolwork ill PM u tommorow afternoon if its okay

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well thx a lot jana..

but i won't disturb u if u're busy..

maybe i'll PM you if i have some troble later..

btw,i decided to use a new partition to install..

luckily i still have my old PATA hard drive..

so i've got nothing to lose if i failed :thumbsup_anim:

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