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VMWare & OSX86 Help

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Hello I am new here and also new to the installing of OSX86.

Ok I went ahead and got the installation complete no issues with that after the install it reboots then comes back on for the completing of the install.

After that I restart it and to no avail it will not boot.

I have tried not installing the 10.4.8 update and also tried it with the install and it still will not boot.

I use a AMD Athlon 64x2 and a Nforce 4 sli board..

Can anyone help me with this so it will boot after the install?



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Could you give me some information of your pc.


So first you installed os x via VMWare to a partition and then when the installation is complete it should reboot.

Then you get that VMware loading screen en you hit F10, you select boot from Hard Disk Drive and it should be fine.

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