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Maxxuss, or whoever can help,


So I pop in my cd with the maxxuss patch in it, first boot since the dd to my spare hdd. Everything is slow and takes a while, because sys rec. are all looking for that TPM chip. So I mount the cd... open terminal, sudo -sh, mount [ cd ] it, and ./install.sh. Keep in mind at this point i had sound, and booted normaly. So I go through the install, i, y, y, 3, (if i press 2 here it freezes) and finally y. then i type reboot and pleh :lol: I have to boot in safe mode ( -x ) or it freezes at the spiny apple. and when I finally do boot in safe mode, no more sound. any ideas? they work other wise, safari and i tunes purr along. just no sound... and i have to boot in safe mode.

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