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  1. jakedman

    Anyone succeeded with 7300LE in 10.5.3?

    I'm having the same problem! I've added my device ID to both geforce.kext as well as NVDANV40.kext, deleted the cache, fixed permissions etc and no luck. I'm getting proper resolution, just no quartz extreme and core image is software accelerated. Any one out there fix this on their own rig? EDIT: So I added my device ID to NVDAResman.kext, rebooted (after all the appropriate steps of course) and now core image is hardware accelerated and quartz extreme is supported but I have one little (read: huge) issue; all of my pop-up menus including anytime I right-click, anything that drops down from the menu bar, and any dialog box shows up as a clear box with a drop shadow, or just a black box. I'd upload an image of the issue, but the upload dialog is clear and therefore I can't select the proper image to upload! AGH Help. EDIT 2: Ok I got on my other machine so I could upload the pics... anyone ever seen this before?
  2. Read this to learn about editing the com.apple.boot.plist file: http://apple2pc.blogspot.com/2008/02/darwi...ot-options.html or delete your Extensions.mkext file in /System/Library/ to force the system to recreate a new extensions cache. I had the same problem and this solved it. I replaced some kext files but forgot to delete the cache file so OS X was still loading the old ones. Hope this helps. I know this post is old, but I thought I should reply for hope that it might help some lost soul.
  3. jakedman

    nVidia GeForce 7600GS PCIe

    um... well I guess I'll go back to using my 7300 for now, but if anyone has any idea how to get my 7600 working I'd love to know. I'm assuming I just have to add my dev Id to some kext I didn't. I just don't know where to start. This community is usually good at at least saying, "no, no one knows... shut up." just want some feedback here. EDIT: I 'googled' "7600gs mac kext" and this thread was the only related thing that came up! HAHA. ugh, even google doesn't have an answer for me.
  4. jakedman

    nVidia GeForce 7600GS PCIe

    EDIT: sorry for posting a new topic, but i wasn't getting any response in the proper threads. Hey fellow insane folk; I just upgraded from a 7300LE to a 7600GS PCIe and I need help with my dual monitors. I've read just about every fix on the subject, but none have worked, and none address my card directly. Currently, I have the Natit Dual v0.1 kext installed, the v0.2 doesn't work. I can use either monitor, or just the VGA if both are plugged in. My setup looks like this: 7600 > DVI > Apple Studio Display 7600 > VGA > Dell LCD Monitor I've added my device ID to the following: - GeForce.kext - NVDAResman.kext - NVDANV40Hal.kext but still nothing... Any ideas? Thanks, - Jake
  5. jakedman

    Dell Latitude D620

    So... I'm currently trying to install OS X on a dell D620 and looking around at other peoples solutions i was curious as to whether there has been any progress on this matter. If anyone knows of any fixes for the Audio, Internet, or other known issues just throw some info my way. I have the OS installed and booting. Graphics are fine. And I'm installing iLife '06. I just need sound and internet. And also, i think my fan isn't turning on... heh.
  6. jakedman

    Tablet Mac

    Yeah I definitely agree with that. When tablets were first introduced it was for gimmicky "note taking" functionality. I'm really excited that the modbook uses wacoms board and pen, and that they just upped the sensitivity to 512points from 256. Well I guess I'll just wait until I have my money saved up. Either way, I can't wait to work on my web comic and graphic design projects on my tablet mac on the couch or wherever.
  7. jakedman

    Tablet Mac

    So based on the fact that Apple is currently working on getting the iPhone out the door, and wrapping up leopard we know it won't be this year, but does anyone have any speculation on the development of a tablet macbook? It's something I've wanted for a really long time and I'll have a few grand to go towards a laptop come graduation time. I just don't know if it's better to wait, or maybe look into a modbook from axitron. Any thoughts? I just hate the feeling that I might spent $2500 on one from Axitron, and then Apple will announce a tablet mac soon after. I know they filed for a patent for something that looked a lot like a tablet back in '04 or '05. Just some discussion material...
  8. jakedman

    Question of OsX86 Stability etc.

    I have had my main box running OS X natively since the day it arrived from NewEgg, and as long as you do your homework while parting it out you'll be fine. The HCL on Wiki is such a valuable resource. I have had more crashes and problems with Vista Ultimate on my backup HDD than with my main OS X install. In fact I can't think of one time I've had a problem with OS X. I do everything from design in Photoshop, to importing and editing videos in Premiere. And yes iWork '06 works perfectly. The only thing you'll never really have is anything that uses the EFI, although I think theres an app called BackRow out there.
  9. jakedman

    My New Site

    Thanks for the comments- I personally think the site got way too heavy as well, I'm debating going back to basics. Yay for xml and css huh? I need to steer away from flash anyway... I use it way too much. It's just such a versatile app. I'll keep you posted. I love feedback!
  10. jakedman

    My New Site

    I have a web comic called 'shut up cup', and until recently between school and work I haven't had much time to work on it. Anyway, I cut back on work, and now I only work weekends- thus freeing up enough time to redo my website and start up my comic again. Tell me what you think. shutupcup.com Thanks, Jake
  11. Is there any way to gain write access to my Windows hard drive? I need to drop some files in from OS X that are too big for my thumb drive. Oops, could someone move this to hardware? Sorry.
  12. jakedman

    Which OS X? 10.4.6 or 10.4.8 or older?

    Wow pretty close to my specs: • Pentium D 805 • 160G SATA Western Digital • GIGABYTE GA-8I945GZME-RH • GeForce 7300LE • 1G DDR2 I can't wait for it to ship.
  13. jakedman

    How many using MacOS as their main OS ?

    I just ordered a custom built PC from NewEgg based solely on the HCL for OSx86 10.4.8 When it get's here tuesday, I'm dropping Windows and never looking back. [Can't wait till next year, when I get my Macbook Pro for college.]
  14. jakedman

    Intel 845G Help

    But I am using 10.4.1, the original deadmoo image. Does the fact I didn't chown the modified kext's in make a difference?
  15. Okay, I've been searching and searching... I have OS X installed on my spare hdd in my Dell 2400. Everything works speadily, except the graphics. I've tried modding the Intel kext's to include my 0x0405 model number but still black and white and 16bit. And yes, I did change the onboard buffer to 8mb instead of 1. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong? It looks so beautiful in VMware at 1280x1024. Please help if you know how to get this working.