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!HELP! nvidia 6600 & soundblaster audigy 2 value driver !HELP!


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HI, id just installed mac OSX86 thinking about doing multimedia on it but i was really disapointed.


1.: The only soundcard driver that I can install is for my realtek integrated soundcard wich dont fully work with my pro's audio software and i just have 2 out channels that's it.

I wanted to know if anybody knows a way to make a soundblaster audigy 2 value fully work with osx cuz i want to rec music and i cant. I know that's not a pro's recording card but my budget is limited so i have to wait until i will have my m-audio firewire 1814.


2.: I Have an Asus Nvidia GEForce 6600 silencer and I can't do anything that's related to video or 3-d because it runs on vesa driver. i tried macvidia driver but when i reboot my monitor says it is out of range so i have to reinstall mac osx. So I wonder if someone knows a driver that supports 3-d accel, 1280 x 1024 and dual monitors in an other way that the clone


3. OSX update: when i use apple update to update my OSX from 10.4.5 to 10.4.8 my computer will reboot while booting. Is there any way to get my updates even if i am running on a pc.


4.IDE Hard drive: I can't mount or even see my ide hard drive in finder or even in the installation software.



P.S. if it can help you to be helpfull i can help you back with multimedia needs just ask me!!!




pentium D 3,2 ghz

1gb ram(2x512mb) ddr2 667 mhz dual channel kingston

motherboard asus p5ld2

graphics: asus nvidia geforce 6600 silencer

sound: realtek alc882 hd audio onboard ( 7,1 channel out)

sound 2: Creative soundblaster audigy 2 value

network realtek marvel yukon...... (working so i dont care about it)

hard drive: sata: western digital 120 gb IDE: ibm deskstar 40 gb & wester digital caviar 30 gb(Ide is not recognized by osx)

Optical drive: AOPEN dvd writer & lg combo drive

Display: 17" benq fp737s flatty & old {censored} tube screen

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I had the same problem when going from 10.4.6 to 10.4.8, just a constant reboot.


Unfortunately, reboot is one of those ubiquitous terms that makes it very difficult to find meaningful results when searching the forums for previous discussions.


Chances are there's a sticky somewhere or a discussion on this topic, but I haven't found it yet.

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Well I can tell you that my m-audio firewire 410 is working 100% 192k 2ch in 192k 8ch out or 96k 4ch in and 96k10ch out, works great with logic express and garage band. So if your looking for a decent affordable card, the firewire 410 works great for audio, its so much cleaner than in windows.



For your video card, try Titan, should work with dvi qe ci ect dont know bout dual monitor though,



I hope you get your card goin :-)



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Thanks for those replies but titan is working just in osx 10,4,8 and i still cant do my update also i really want my soundblaster card to work because i need to record before i will get my 1418 wich will be in at least in a couple of weeks. so please help me. I am using vga for my monitors.


remember: i can do multimedia stuff for you i am a beatmaker and I start doing web pages and stuff like that so so if you help me i will help you just ask me

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