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[Tutorial] GeForce FX 5500 on Darwin 8.8.1 Full QE/CI

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This tutorial is for those who only have a PCI Graphics card option and are going to be using, or are all ready using Mac OS X 10.4.8/8.8.1 True JaS Release with semthex's kernel. If you own a nVidia GeForce FX 5500 256MB PCI then this will help you get full QE and CI working and removing all those artifacts. *My system is a Dell Dimension 1100 and this work 100% fine for me*


1. The new DVD can be found on the pink palace. Don't ask for links or anything here. No invite asking here either, no PMminng me as I don't have any.


2. Visit Thico's post here and look for the second download links for the installer. Thanks to Thico Alves for this installer


3. So you don't have to read through the entire posts, just open Terminal and type in:

sudo -s
cd /


Be sure you copied all of the files into the / directory of your system. They don't go in separate directories, either. After running the install script you can restart. You will have to change the resolution, unless you like this one!


4. If you notice that your LCD screen is too bright, go into the "Colour" section of the Displays option and change it from the current one (For example, mine is "Dell E153FP") to "Apple RGB (1998)" to get a much better colour.


You'll notice that you should have full Quartz Extreme and Core Image working. Please remember, that I have tried this with 10.4.4/8.4.1 and QE did not work.

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