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Great work from the community!


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Good evening folks,


Well seen how I got this sucker installed i figured that I'd share my success story.


System Specs are


Asus A8N-E

A64 3000+ Venice Core SSE3

1 Gig OCZ ram

Asus Geforce 6600GT 128meg

3Com 3C905B-TX nic




Long story short I had initialy used marklar's iso and patched it to some sites instructions and tried it last month only to have no nic sound and such so i deleted the partition. Did some searching found this place for the HCL and stumble apon a 3Com 3C905B-TX nic an old find indeed but was the only nic i could get my hands on.


I lost my dvd iso, probably through it out so I regot the same one and figured it's good like that.

Enabled the AC97 sound, swap the sound card for the nic and booted to the installer. Installed with SSE3 and extras and got to the Desktop in 25 minutes.


Was glad to see the nic worked and I could hit the net, but the audio wasnt working. After following the guide off your wiki which I'm thankful for and added the device ID and did a kextload I was a happy camper.


Now I sit here abit confused about how to go about it and software installations.


Been mostly in the terminal for the past hour putsing around. Any help to some customization and good apps I'd appreciate it.


once again a success story and to your knowledgable wiki.


Ah the beauty of the community! B)

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Good job. Nice to see someone who reads and experiments and tries and succeeds.


There are many open source high quality x86 Intel compiled ports here:




Lots of browsers such as Firefox 1.6 alpha, Camino.

Others include Thunderbird, Acqlite, Videolan (VLC) player.


VLC with patchburn is the only way to play commercial DVDs right now on OSX86.



There are of course lots of PPC (Power PC) code OSX programs and 80 to 90 % of them would run (with built in Rosetta).

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Why thank you for the info. Although i find it odd that I spend more time in the terminal must be that that old linux habbit. I'll try to learn how stuff works on the U.I. so far i find it abit annoying in terms of management and such.


Also thanks for the tips on the apps didnt know some wouldnt work but that their is Intel ports even though some are source I can do the compilling.


One final note even though this is a technical devel dvd i find it alot faster then what a clean tweaked out version of Arch, Slack and Gentoo would of offered me.

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