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Trying an 8 ser. 4th gen pro-desk 400 g1 sff now crashing on the next boot off the install partition

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First attempted getting a pcie nvme working but theres no bios support. Then was using a monterey usb that was not seeing the sata drives. Now changed that usb to Big sur, it then saw the drives and it gets a crash loop. both those USBs took too long to boot with a whole bunch of com.apple.xpc.launchd acpicpu time outs and waiting for name server stuff.


After crash loop reformatted the usb and made it a big sur installer again. Trying this now. Again really slow. But same thing its the crash loop. before the usb rebooted there was something about a locked partition in verbose. If I try safe mode, does not boot and returns to the picker.


Gave up on that, putting the disk on another machine and trying install on it. The other machine also boots the Big sur installer super slow. Toshiba laptop with 4th gen as well. Hellacious machine display went out and replaced and now the replacement went to crapsville. Anyway, one of these half hours the usb should be able to start the install. The question is, will it behave the same? Pretty sure open core was from machines EFI and not the usb, cause dont think video would have worked since its not desktop version. Setting had tools out, so definitely not. Ok, no crash where the other one was doing it. People had this happening and figured a workaround of putting the drive on a real Mac and getting it done that way. Well I got no real mac thats new enough not to need modifications so maybe this will do it.


I kept using that old usb. If I would have listened... could be a lot of problems come from people being like that...

OClogs.zip Oc724.zip

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