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aquantia 107 10gb slow speed :(. mobo z490 osx 13.3.1

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Hello how are you? I have verified that my aquantia network card is super slow, I have had many problems to make it work, I need ssdt dmart and a patch and now in the latest version of OC 0.92 activate quirks "disabelomappermaping" I have a z490 with fenvi wifi and with the last update the 13.3.1 broke down but with the latest version OC 0.92 everything works again but it works very slowly, I have the network card configuration set to auto, but I have also modified it and it continues to work very well The speed is slow...any suggestion? Thank you, regards.

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Good afternoon, there are 2 sites with proper info, both by @Casey_S.J. :




Plus the Configuration.pdf about the new quirk DisableIoMapperMapping, also by @Casey_S.J.:

     Type: plist boolean
     Failsafe: false
     Requirement: 13.3 (not required for older)
Description: Disables mapping PCI bridge device memory in IOMMU (VT-d).
This option resolves compatibility issues with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Thunderbolt devices when AppleVTD is enabled on systems
where the native DMAR table contains one or more Reserved Memory Regions and more than 16 GB memory is installed.
On some systems, this quirk is only needed when iGPU is enabled.
Note 1: This quirk requires a native DMAR table that does not contain Reserved Memory Regions or a substitute SSDT-DMAR.aml
in which Reserved Memory Regions have been removed.
Note 2: This option is not needed on AMD systems.

I hope you'll fix your issue with help of these infos.

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Thank you very much for answering, regarding your information, I applied the patch and everything was still the same, then I started Windows, I did a speed test and it gave me the same result:/, everything is very strange, I have searched for information about quantity and I updated the firmware, but I still had a low speed, I restarted and did the test again and I finally had high speeds (5000,6000) I think this card is unstable or my internet isp is not stable either, I'll go Trying every day to see what happens. Thank you very much the problem is "solved"

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