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How Do You Install Windows 11 (or 10 but 11 is Preferred) on a Mac on Its Second Internal SSD?


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Hello Mac friends. My Mac which runs macOS Ventura (it's not supposed to run it, it's unsupported but I used Opencore Legacy to install it).

The Mac has two internal SSDs, the firs SSD is my main one (Apple's Blade) the other is a SATA SSD which is essentially just a blank SSD.


tried Boot Camp Assistant but it seems it only installs windows on the main drive where the macOS is running. If I install Windows using Boot Camp Assistant Windows 10 and even Windows 11 would install on the main drive and boot but before it gets to the login screen, it'll go into BSOD.


Thank you.


Have a blessed rest of the year, may you all keep persevering and making full use of your amazing but very limited time.

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