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Ventura + OpenCore on KabyLake: "couldn't alloc class AppleKeyStoreTest"

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Hello fellas, I'm trying to make a working hackintosh with ventura and opencore 0.9.0 and currently i'm stuck in boot process and the last visible line says:

AppleKeyStore:869:0 oy vey


I followed Dortania's OpenCore installation guide, using the setup for the KabyLake generation from Sample.plist as indicated in that guide, and then adding all the mods step by step.
The resulting config.plist file is attached as well as a screenshot of the boot process.


My hardware specs are the following:

Mobo: Asus Prime Z270-M

CPU: i7 7700

GPU: iGPU intel HD 630

HD: nvme Gigabyte 256GB


Any help will be truly appreciated. Regards



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Hm...let's see. Just a quick suggestions:


Make sure you have the correct settings in BIOS:

Enable XHCI Handoff.

Sata mode is set to AHCI.

Disable serial port.

Set iGPU as primary. Try to switch DP/HDMI.


Plug the USB Boot drive into a different port.

Remap USB ports in Windows.

Reset NVRAM after changes.

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AppleKeyStoreTest is not significant message. The system can work with it.

The significant is message about NVMe. It looks like not working.

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@Slice thank you for your suggestion, I've added nvme kext to my efi but with no luck.

NMVME disk appears to be successfully initialized but boot proccess stuck again just after AppleKeyStore:869:0



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