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I can't get the Lenovo X1 Tablet Gen 3 i7-8650u

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Hi :)

For some reason, I can't get the Lenovo X1 Tablet Gen 3 i7-8650u, 16GB, Intel WIFI/BLUETOOTH Combo AC8265, Realtek ALC295 sound card to sleep in its new role as a MacBook Pro 15,2. Sound is fine, however the microphone on the sound card is malfunctioning. When compared to other laptops I've hacked, this one is completely unique. The hardware is adequate for the Monterey 12.6.3 operating system. The Samsung must be swapped out before macOS can be loaded into NVME. One terabyte of WD Blue cost me $55. Boot into both macOS Monterey and Windows 10 Pro at once.

1. While the screen itself is functional, and HDMI is operational, the screen's display will only be accurate if the device characteristics are set in a very specific way. The platform IDs C087 and 1E59 are both supported.

The trackpad on my keyboard is broken, but the touchscreen functions normally. The use of a Bluetooth mouse is also ideal. The red pin mouse cannot be used with the touchscreen drivers installed.

Third, no airdrop is possible, although the Bluetooth functionality is otherwise fully operational when using the Intel Driver.

Moreover, the Intel Driver is fully compatible with WIFI.

Lenovo's USB-C Ethernet offers a 1GB connection speed. The 100MBS connection speed of the cheaper model is an example.

Sixth, the display is incredibly lucid and brilliant; with the brightness set to half, I can use it for two hours of continuous web browsing or other activities.

Seven, I have access to eight functional USB ports, and they all function properly. basketball stars

Micro-USB card reader functions properly, and it's a great feature number eight.

9. Instead of ALT, press Windows to open the Start menu.

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