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No more graphical boot selector after OpenCore upgrade

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Hello, yesterday I had the bad idea to upgrade OpenCore to the last version (0.8.9), in order to update to Ventura 13.2.1 more safely.
It wasn't that easy and I had go through a little of troubleshooting but in the end now I have everything back up working EXCEPT the boot interface that sticks to the ugly text one (that btw, happens to show right under my monitor OSD, that pops up every time the system starts or restarts, so I have to choose blindly).

I attach my config.plist, if needed I can upload all my EFI partition to some cloud storage so you can check it out.

Thanks in advance for your help


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Hi - I think it would be more helpful if you compress the entire EFI Folder and upload it here then we would be able to see the error and correct it for you.

The chosen boot theme must correlate correctly with the entry in the config.plist and also in the image folder, any deviation will default to text mode (exactly what you're experiencing now when you boot up).

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