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[HOW TO] OpenCore 0.8.8 > 0.8.9 differences


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OpenCore 0.8.9 is out. There are quite a few changes and improvements. Get it in Acidanthera.


Main changes

  • Fixed loading macOS with legacy boot without Apple Secure Boot: there is a new PE (Portable Executable) loader that broke legacy boot, blocking the loading of legacy drivers as HfsPlusLegacy and preventing OpenCore from booting on legacy systems when Apple Secure Boot is disabled. With this fix, legacy boot can work with or without Apple Secure Boot. This issue was detected after version 0.8.8 was released. While you are on 0.8.8, you must download the new versions of the drivers HfsPlusLegacy and ExFatDxeLegacy (the one/s that are necessary), available in Acidanthera. This is not required if you are on OpenCore 0.8.9.
  • Improved debug logging when applying ACPI patches.
  • Added Linux support into LegacyBoot boot install.
  • Fixed errors in documentation.
  • EnableGop: standalone GOP driver for 2009 - 2012 genuine Macs, implementing pre-OpenCore graphics on non-natively supported GPUs.


  • UEFI >> Quirks: added ResizeUsePciRbIo (Boolean, failsafe value is False) >> it makes ResizeGpuBars and ResizeAppleGpuBars use PciRootBridgeIo instead of PciIo to avoid errors on older systems which use ReBarUefi by xCuri0 to configure Resizable BAR. If you don't use ReBarUefi or enabling Resizable BAR works fine, keep it False.


  • EnableGop: provides standalone GOP driver for EFI era (2009 - 2012) Mac Pro and iMac. This driver injects the parts of OpenCore needed for pre-boot graphics support with non-natively supported GPUs. If OpenCore produces native picker when pressing ALT during boot, you do not need it. Read carefully Utilities >> EnableGop >> README.md.


  • AppleALC 1.7.9
  • EmeraldSDHC 0.1.0 (new kext: SDHC host controller support for macOS, work in progress)
  • FeatureUnlock 1.1.3
  • HibernationFixup 1.4.8
  • VoodooRMI 1.3.5
  • WhateverGreen 1.6.4.
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