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RX 6800 XT


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Hi, guys. Recently I was purchased this card but she display in my system like PCI-E x8 (not x16). Is this even normal?

I heard something about a named frame buffer - Do I need it?

My config:

i5-10400f / MSI B460 Tomahawk / 2x8 GB DDR-4/ Gigabyte Gaming OC RX 6800 XT/ Clover 5146 - Big Sur latest

Boot arg for card agdpmod=ignore but sometimes I have the black screen. 




Снимок экрана 2022-12-06 в 10.40.28.png


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x8 or x16 is written into SMBIOS. It may be just a mistake of OEM.

You may correct it by Clover functionality

     <string>AMD Radeon RX6800</string>


but I am not sure if it will influence on something or it is cosmetic only.

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gpu-z shows bus interface: PCIe x16 4.0 @ x8 3.0


your gpu is PCIe 4.0 and your motherboard only supports PCIe 3.0, so your gpu will only work in x8 mode. Either you buy a PCIe 3.0 gpu that supports x16 mode to see it working in x16 mode with your motherboard or you buy a PCIe 4.0 motherboard that supports x16 mode and your gpu will work in x16 mode.



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