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VoodooPS2 help required

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i have VoodooPS2  version 2.2.2 working with BigSur/monterey. Everything works fine. Upgrading to any of the newer version causes keyboard to totally stop working. Touchpad/mouse and other stuff keeps working. I looked at the release changelog, can't find any flags added/removed. Anyone got any why this could happen/howto fix, kindly help.


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15 hours ago, 1Revenger1 said:

I'd start here (https://github.com/acidanthera/VoodooPS2/releases) and see which release first creates issues. If you can narrow it down to one release, it becomes a lot easier to debug.


Thanks, will try to do that, sounds like a plan!


23 hours ago, MaLd0n said:

U tried this Artifacts? Need login on github


Here Artifacts.zip


Will try this too, Thanks!

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Ok I upgraded one by one from version 2.2 till 2.7 and it somehow worked. Computers are strange creatures indeed!

The only other change I did was remote 'ps2rst=0' from my boot flag, I wonder if that was causing the keyboard issue, but anyway, glad to have it resolved.


Thanks for the advice guys, TIL something.

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