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    Need Help upgrading Mojave to Catalina on Dell 3537

    @onemanOSX It did not work. Added SSDT-EC.aml and SSDT-USBX.aml to patched folder, added changes EC0 to EC in clover patches (different combinations). Confirmed that clover can see the patches and loading the ssdt files at boot, but the installer is still stuck at the same "apfs_module_start: 1683" line. Happens if i boot with installer usb or if i upgrade directly from mojave and after first boot into installer, stuck at same place (no usb devices connected at all).
  2. irfan67670

    Need Help upgrading Mojave to Catalina on Dell 3537

    @onemanOSX Can you help me provide the find and replace value please for EC0? Ignore that, found online. Thanks Will try again tonight and see how it goes
  3. Hi all, I have a perfectly working Mojave installation on my Dell 3537, i5-4200U, Intel HD4400 Graphics, 8GB RAM. When I tried to upgrade using Catalina, it got stuck on showing '8 hours and 54 minutes remaining' and then the time started increasing instead of decreasing. So I decided to create a bootable USB and when I boot it, it always gets stuck on one of these two lines (sometime one comes before the other..): apfs_module_start: 1683: load: com.apple.filesystem.apfs, v1412 .... OR ApplePS2Controller: Notification consumer published: ApplePS2SynapticsTouchPad Things I have tried already and did nothing: - Removing VoodooPS2Controller kext and use external mouse/keyboard, - keep only minimal kexts in clover for booting (ethernet, smc etc) - clover patch to change ECDV to EC - Add SSDT-EC.aml to my patched ACPI folder in clover Next thing will try is removing VirtualSMC and use FakeSMC during installation, if anyone faced same issue and found a solution, please advise. Thanks CLOVER.zip