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[HOW TO] OpenCore 0.7.8 > 0.7.9 differences


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OpenCore 0.7.9 is out. Thank you OpenCore team!


Main changes

  • Kernel >> Quirks >> SetApfsTrimTimeout: on macOS 12.0, it is no longer possible to set trim timeout for APFS filesystems. A new method has been added to disable trim when SetApfsTrimTimeout is set to zero. Default is -1.
  • Added auto-detection of macOS Installer volume name for use when .disk_label file cannot be displayed.
  • Added script to build qemu recovery images to macrecovery.
  • Fixed selecting SecureBootModel on hypervisors (should be x86legacy, otherwise macOS 11 will fail to boot).
  • Improvements in OpenLinuxBoot,

config.plist (see Sample.plist file)

  • Kernel >> Block >> added Strategy property (String): determines the behaviour of kernel driver blocking. Default is Disabled. Most users have nothing in this section so no change has to be done.
  • Misc >> Debug >> added LogModules property (String): filters logging generated by specific modules, both in the log and onscreen. Failsafe *:
    + (Positive filtering): Include selected modules
    - (Negative filtering): Exclude selected modules
    * indicates all modules being logged.


  • AudioDxe >> added configuration options in UEFI >> Drivers >> Arguments: --restore-nosnoop (Boolean flag, enabled if present), making v0.7.7 fix for Windows sound opt-in.


  • ocvalidate >> fixed max file path length. 


  • AppleALC 1.7.0 (new layouts)
  • CpuTscSync 1.0.7 (improvements)
  • DebugEnhancer 1.0.6 (cosmetic fixes, improvements for macos 12 and newer)
  • FeatureUnlock 1.0.7 (improvements for Universal Control)
  • VirtualSMC 1.2.9 (fixes)
  • VoodooPS2 2.2.8 (fixes and improvements)
  • WhateverGreen 1.5.8 (improvements).


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New OpenCore build has added this comment into configuration file:

"On macOS 12+, it is no longer possible to set trim timeout for APFS filesystems. However, trim can be disabled when the timeout value is set to 0.
Note: System Information may still report TRIM Support: Yes with this option set to 0. Yet, this is false positive and trim is de facto disabled."

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