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Sleep mode not work


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I have a problem with my Hackintosh running OpenCore 0.7.4.

When it tries to go to sleep, the screen goes out, the keyboard stays on, and when I wake up the screen stays black and I have to force it to go away.

The computer is a laptop: MSI modern 15 A10RAS.


I think it's the graphics card that is the problem (NVIDIA GeForce MX330) ?


Everything works except the sleep mode.

My EFI : https://mega.nz/file/0MRn0YIA#5e8l42yUl0dHyHaDvZq5CgEzuaDeiDIMBrPMEbCh5g0

Thank for your help.

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6 hours ago, Alpherg said:

maybe you want to check at this post first from Dortania: https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Post-Install/universal/sleep.html

in general, it could be caused by usb mapping, disabled dGPU,... or many reasons.

Only the DGPU is not disabled.
Being a beginner this part is a bit complicated.



1 hour ago, Baio77 said:

post ioreg please , you need information to understand the problem.

Is this the file I am attaching that you need?


MacBook Pro.ioreg

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Trackpad not work 



It would be very useful for me to extract files from your Bios, so I can try to activate the trackpad

EFI Debug 0.7.5.zip



Put this unzipped EFI in USB boot the PC from USB and wait for the long verbose to finish. when it returns to the start menu OC restarts the PC normally and inside the EFI Debug in USB you will find 1 TXT file and 1 folder with other folders inside, put the files here thanks.

Test this EFI in USB , if start ioreg or photo of the block

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