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Update to mac os monterey from opencore 0.6.6


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Hello everyone,
maybe someone of you, succeeded in the installation mac os monterey. Unfortunately I can't do this update ! Maybe someone has a working EFI for a gigabyte z390 Elite? Unfortunately, I didn't find anything on Google

I would be very happy if someone can help, I have posted my efi to you.

thanks for your help.




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I also use the OC 0.6.6 on my Hackintosh B270 MSI board with UDH630 graphics.
With Big Sur 11.6.2 everything is ok.


I have also read in other forums that OC 0.6.6 should still go for Monterey, you don't necessarily need OC 0.7.6 or Mini Updater from Open Core etc.


With a clean installation I see in the boot menu of OC 0.6.6 in the 2nd installation phase "Macintosh HD" for further installation. If I start then, a short

loading bar appears and after about 1 minute, restart again. Then repeats itself over and over again with every new attempt.


I then set arg -lilubetaall in the confip.plist in OC boot, but no change. How do I get on in the 2nd phase of the installation?

Thanks for help tips on this.

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