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Big Sur iMac with M1 chip - WHAT makes USB bootable?


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iMac 24" with M1 chip:


Of course I can boot existing Recovery from HD

But I want to be able to boot USB based Recovery, so can try startosinstall (and also fully wipe the HD, just want to test different scenarios)


If I use full USB installer (created with createinstallmedia) then this USB is recognized as bootable (and it boots fine)

Nothing surprising here


But if I try to use a USB that is created from BaseSystem.dmg it is not recognized (but it is also a bootable disk, it works fine for booting in Intel MBP 15,4)


So the question: anybody knows WHAT makes USB bootable for Mac with M1 chip ?

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Reading this:



M1 Macs

The snag with using startosinstall on an M1 Mac, even that provided in its own macOS installer, is that it invariably fails with the error
startosinstall is not currently supported in the Recovery OS on Apple Silicon

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