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Updated from 11.0.1 to 11.5.2 and my drive is now called Macintosh HD - Data


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I understand the Macintosh HD - Data is system folder and Macintosh HD - Data Data is where all my files are stored.


I renamed Macintosh HD - Data "in finder" to Macintosh HD


and rebooted expecting Macintosh HD - Data Data to automatically rename it self Macintosh HD - Data


But Opencore booter screen still see its as Macintosh HD - Data


Its boots up fine.


So I now have Macintosh HD on desktop and looking in Disk Utility Macintosh HD - Data Data see attached.


So my quesiton is should I leave it or change it.


Is there something in Opencore I need to rename.


Can I rename Macintosh HD - Data Data to Macintosh HD - Data in disk Utility or will it mess things up.



Screenshot 2021-09-15 at 14.53.jpg

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I'm not very sure of the problem. 

I think Opencore picker will show whatever you name your drive on the Mac Desktop, and the name will be the same in Finder, the only confusion is when you are trying to update MacOS, the names of the drives in the OC picker is very confusing.  But OC seems to be able to pick the right one to install anyway, and doesn't need to be changed during install.

I'm still a bit confused of the disk utility naming and the risk of breaking the seal.  You may want to read the Dortania OC guide / Extras / OpenCore and Mac OS 11: Big Sur, Cannot update to newer versions of Big Sur section 

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