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Azurewave 4360+20702 combo - Bluetooth acting wierd on monterey !


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Hi you all, I have a few issues with my Asus X99 Deluxe builtin wifi+bt module (Azurewave 4360+20702 [0b05:180a]. The problem is that if I turn off bluetooth I need to reboot my computer to be able to get it back on #1 and also wierd is that in about my mac bluetooth section as transport appears UART not USB #2. I have to mention that I have fully mapped usb and in big sur bluetooth works flawlesly (including airdrop and handoff), in monterey handoff and airdrop works only one way (from my macbook to my hack or my iphone to my hack).


#1 when I turn off bluetooth and try to turn it back on


error    19:29:39.645868+0300    BlueTool    Could not find btaddress param
fault    19:29:39.647471+0300    bluetoothd    Unknown chipset 0
error    19:29:39.647622+0300    bluetoothd    Failed to register the vendor callback with result 101
error    19:29:39.647640+0300    bluetoothd    Core Stack initialization failed!
error    19:29:39.647667+0300    bluetoothd    Stack startup failed - 110
error    19:29:39.648113+0300    BlueTool    Could not find btaddress param
error    19:29:39.651916+0300    bluetoothd    Mac Cache Migrator Received PowerStateChanged


#2 About My Mac





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