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No change with Titan installed

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So I just finished installing 10.4.8 using the MacOSX_10.4.8DVD AMD SSE3 TEST 1 and it works great; audio, SATA, and network all worked "out-of-the-box." I'm now trying to get video to work better (i.e. Resolution/QE/CI/GL) if i can. I d/l'd the latest Titan.kext and followed the instructions from the wiki but I don't see any improvement (can't change the resolution or refresh, no QE/CI etc...). When I rebooted I watched the verbose and I did see something like:

Titan: 7800 GT detected
Titan: Now cross your fingers

that was funny and all, but I still am running at 1024x768@65hz (which makes me want to poke my eyes out), no QE/CI/GL. I checked the wiki for my card, the closest I found was a 7800 GTX from Gainward that was listed as fully functional. Any ideas? Idk what to do. I'd really like to change resolution and definitely the refresh rate, but I would absolutely love to get QE/CI/GL working (I ultimately want to play World of Warcraft on this comp, that would be HOT). Thanks for the help :D

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Refer to THIS thread. You might want to skip down to my response, it's a little easier to see.


I would also consider trying Natit - it worked much more smooth for me. Just move Titan out of your Extensions folder, move Natit in, set owner root:wheel, chmod 755, and give that a shot.


Or, just try to stick with Titan. (I couldn't get dual screen working at all with Titan.)


Keep in mind that Titan/Natit only provide initialization and feature detection of the video card, they're not really drivers, so you'll need to muck with the nVidia drivers to get them to detect your card once Natit/Titan has initialized it.

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Update: I just tried booting into OSX to show my fellow co-workers (IT Techs) and OSX didn't boot :laser::lol: lmao. I'm going to re-install now, especially since I can get OSX on a SATA drive. I may try Titan's drivers again, dunno. Anyway thanks for replies.

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