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Pentium with GT2 QE/CI possible?


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Intel 7th Gen Pentium 4415Y CPU does not support AVX Instructions.


So, I think that it is not possible to enable QE/CI of Intel HD Graphics 615.


If it was an Intel Core m3 Series CPU, it would have been possible to enable QE/CI of HD 615 because it supports AVX.

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GT2 HD615 certainly is supported in macOS since Sierra 10.12.6. 2017 MacBook10,1 use that same iGPU (dev id 0x591e). I'm not entirely convinced that the CPU needs to have AVX instructions set to obtain graphics acceleration. 1st gen Arrandale CPU such as, say, i5-540M, certainly do not, yet 1st gen Intel HD is natively supported up to High Sierra and, with patching, in OpenGL-only mode in Mojave/Catalina.


With this Pentium 4415y, if you cannot boot macOS or its installer due to CPU model, try to fake the CPUID of a mainstream Kaby Lake one:

  • 0x0806E9 for Kaby Lake U
  • 0x0906E9 for Kaby Lake H

From what I've read, it's the storage type that may cause issues: models with eMMC are understood to be a no go (external storage will be required) whilst it's Ok for models fitted with NVME SSDs. Non-replaceable wifi likely to be a problem too. Generally speaking, Surface hardware is not best suited to run macOS. But many have had success with the Surface Pro models.

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