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Bluetooth Not Powering Up After Sleep on OpenCore 0.7.2/Big Sur 11.5.1:

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The Setup

- The desktop components is in the sig, below.

- Bluetooth/Wifi card being used is the BCM94360NG. No additional kexts were needed to make this work.

- Dual displays connected to WX7100.

- USB Keyboard+USB Mouse connected to the Desktop as well as a Logitech K760 Keyboard +Magic Trackpad connected via Bluetooth.

- Desktop sleep state: monitors turn dark, the fans stop spinning, and the HDD LED goes from a "solid" to "flashing". This can be done manually or by setting only the "displays to sleep" and then waiting for 5 minutes for "sleep" to take place.


What Works:

- Pressing the Magic Trackpad and keys on the K760 continuously wakes up the desktop and Bluetooth powers on in 0.7.1.

- Pressing the keys on the USB Keyboard and clicking the USB Mouse wakes up the desktop in 0.7.2.

- WiFI works using the BCM94360NG.


The Problem:

- In 0.7.2, during "Sleep" when the HDD LEDs are flashing :

  1. When the Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad are used to wake up the desktop, the displays do not turn on. But the desktop HDD light goes from "flashing" to "solid" and the fans start spinning up which indicates the desktop is powering up.
  2. When the USB Keyboard and USB Mouse  are used to wake up the desktop, Bluetooth does not wake up.
    1. The Bluetooth symbol in the menu bar is in the "on" position
    2. Bluetooth Manager in macOS shows Bluetooth Keyboard and Trackpad to be connected. But ...
    3. The Bluetooth keyboard cannot connect to the desktop and pressing the keys on keyboard does nothing.
    4. Inputs to the trackpad do nothing.
  3. If the desktop is rebooted when (2) happens, then The Keyboard and Magic Trackpad are able to connect and work like normal, again.
  4. Wifi continues to work whether Bluetooth does or not after desktop wakes from sleep.


Things Checked:

- "Wake On LAN" is turned off under "Energy Saver" in Big Sur.

- "Allow Bluetooth devices to wake this computer" is turned on under "Bluetooth->Advanced Settings" in Big Sur.

- Compared USBMap outputs before sleep and after sleep/bluetooth fail and they are identical (see attached)


Next Steps:

- Has anyone experienced this same thing and found a solution?

- Can someone recommend a next course of action to further diagnose this problem?


Many thanks in advance!



Bluetooth After Sleep.png

Bluetooth Before Sleep.png


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