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hey folks,

so, after some research, it seems like some of the best hardware to choose for performance and reliability would be:

intel i9-10900k
Gigabyte Z490 Vision-D (or Vision-G if D is unavailable) + 64GB RAM
Radeon 5xxx series for Catalina or 6xxx series for Big Sur ( or Radeon VII for high end or RX 580 for mid range)
Fenvi T919 for WiFi/Bluetooth


Basically, I'm trying to pick the most compatible motherboard while also getting Thunderbolt 3, which this . My research says Gigabyte boards are better for hackinotsh, and i happen to come across an extensive guide for that motherboard, including firmware flashing. I've dealt with pain-in-the-ass X99 for years but managed to get it into a stable workhorse eventually. Can anyone offer some input on my build advice, particularly motherboard? Thanks.

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Go with the Z590 Version may be. The Z490 Version has issues with the I225 2.5 Gig Enthernet Controller on macOS Monterey. The Z590 has a newer revision of this NIC which seems to work better. Could be due to early development of Monterey or hardware support. It works for somee but I couldn't get it to work yet. I have a Z490 Vision G, but the I225 Variant is the same.


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