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Framework Laptop (https://frame.work/products/laptop) is a recently (July 2021) released laptop focusing on easy to swap/repair components, commonly available parts with documentation, while maintaining a thin portable profile.


This thread will be working towards DSDT / SSDT and other necessary components to get macOS running on Framework Laptop to make it the ultimate hackintosh notebook.


At the moment, Framework laptop uses Intel 11th Gen (Tiger Lake) mobile CPUs, not supported by current macOS.


Spoofing Coffee Lake CPU will allow a Tiger Lake CPU to to boot macOS bit without any video acceleration.

Until Apple releases a machine with Intel Iris Xe graphics chipset, it is unlikely to to make progress on this.

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Two options,


1) Apple is focusing on their homebrew ARM Apple SoC, their last generation of Macbook Pros still had Intel versions, its unclear if that is the last Intel update.


2) Darwin kernel is open source https://opensource.apple.com/. Porting to OS X was successful for Infiniband network cards based on linux/bsd driver. Porting linux drivers for Xe graphics could be possible, though very non-trivial [1].


[1] https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51846999/how-to-write-macos-display-driver


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