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Monterey does not boot with the AMD RADEON RX550 video card.

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Hi friends, I successfully installed Mac os Monterey on my old system including an nvidia gt 210 video card, 
failing to install this video card I managed to buy an AsRock AMD Radeon Rx550 card and installed it in the system.
I also installed Mac os Mojave 10.14.6 video card working very well QE / CI with fake id 0x67ff and 
Baffin framebuffer. So I wanted to run Monterey but it crashes in the boot sequence, I tried all sorts of smbios 
but to no avail, in Mojave it runs with smbios MacPro 5.1 to 7.1 without problems, 
I attach the photo and please guide me what to do I do, I mention that the motherboard has integrated video 
and I do not have the possibility to deactivate it from the bios.


when the old video card is inserted, the internal one is deactivated, but when I mount the new one it works in 
parallel, is this the cause?



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6 hours ago, Hervé said:

Old nVidia GT210 is a Telsa card and such generation was officially dropped after High Sierra. M Iay be supported in non-Metal/OpenGL-only with OCLP patcher.

Regarding AMD RX550, most of us will have seen the Dortania GPU buyers guide Polaris section which says it is not supported but you'll find threads/posts on this forum that say otherwise but, afaik, this did not apply to Monterey which is still in beta phase. You should probably try it in Big Sur and if it does work Ok, it'd be fair to expect the card to remain supported in 12.0 too.

Monterey boot with nvidia gt210 but not boot with polaris, Mojave work very fine with radeon and metal support, see photo with hang boot Monterey, radeon not auto disable internal igp, but nvidia yes. Monterey is installed in system with old nvidia 210, but hang boot with radeon in this pass.

Big Sur same hang on boot.

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1 hour ago, ovidoi said:

Up, nobody try to help me???

You have to provide some logs and details on your problem. Else I see no what is the issue.

On 8/13/2021 at 9:33 PM, Slice said:

You have to provide some logs and details on your problem. Else I see no what is the issue.

boot block there, no continue. See first post and picture.


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